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What is Diagnostic Medical Sonography?

diagnostic medical sonography training

Ultrasound imaging is also known as diagnostic medical sonography and is a medical procedure that uses an instrument that releases high frequency sound waves that go into the body and as a result, these sound waves produce images of the patient’s body. This kind of equipment is also utilized in other medical areas like gynecology, echocardiography for examining heart conditions, neurosonology for assessing the health status of the spine and the brain, and ophthalmology that focuses on the eyes.

ultrasound technician schools

Becoming an ultrasound technician requires a lot of training and educational background. Medical sonographers are well-trained in using the ultrasound equipment.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Responsibilities

  • explain the medical procedure that will be done to the patient;
  • note medical histories,
  • operate the equipment properly,
  • classify the images captured by the ultrasound and;
  • maintain the equipment.

These responsibilities may seem easy but a specialization, specifically an ultrasound technician certification, is needed.

To begin the process of earning the requirements needed to acquire the certification, an aspiring technician should have accomplished at least a two-year associate degree from a school that is accredited by the Commission on Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP), these include many online schools. The student who wants to earn an ultrasound technician certification must possess a strong background in Math, Science or any healthcare subjects. Other requirements are training programs in the fields of anatomy, physics, physiology, and medical ethics.

After attending the training, future technicians will have to submit their application for the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) exam.  The ARDMS exam will measure the credibility and eligibility of an ultrasound technician to be given the ultrasound technician certification.  Once the certification has been awarded to an aspirant, he or she is eligible for employment in all healthcare facilities around the country.

Some of the advantages of being a certified ultrasound technician are:

  • the freedom to choose various work places
  • expertise in sonography utilization procedures and
  • full awareness of the medical ethics

Another advantage of a certified ultrasound technician is the power to develop personal and professional satisfaction and becoming an integral part of the healthcare team. The average ultrasound technician salary varies according to the results of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In 2006, the average salary was $57,160. However in the year 2009 the salary of an ultrasound technician reached up to $63,010. The amount of salary depends on the local job market in your area.
As regards to the ultrasound technician school that offers a certification for ultrasound technicians, several schools located in different states are known for offering unique ultrasound or sonography degrees.

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