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ultrasound technician schools in indiana

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Perhaps its time to get started looking for Ultrasound Technician schools in Indiana? Ultrasound is one of the fastest growing careers in medical diagnostics due to the ever improving technology. With populous areas such as Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, and Evansville, there is a constantly growing need for licensed Ultrasound Technicians. Nonetheless, there are also many career opportunities in secondary communities across Indiana as well.

With a 2010 median annual salary as stated by the United States Dept. of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics of $61,770, sonography technicians in Indiana make a great income. Having a salary like this, you would have an income much higher than the average person in Indiana. If you are looking for a good career with an above average income, perhaps diagnostic medical sonography is exactly what you have been looking for?  Find a school and start your Ultrasound Technician training now!

How To Locate Accredited Ultrasound Technician Schools in Indiana?

When you’re searching for an Ultrasound Technician School in Indiana, it is important to locate one that is accredited by the CAAHEP. The Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs is the preeminent accreditor in the medical fields.

The biggest concern with unaccredited schools is that few of them can provide you with the required clinical hours to establish eligibility to take the ARDMS exam. The American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography is the largest licensing body for ultrasound technicians in the U.S. Having been certified by the ARDMS does not guarantee you will get hired, but it does open doors that otherwise might not be obtainable to you. Even though you may work as a sonography technician without having an ARDMS license, many insurance companies will not pay claims for ultrasounds administered by unlicensed technicians.

Without earning the required hours of clinical training while going to school, you will need to obtain hours by seeking work with doctors or offices that do not demand a license. The complication with this idea is that these will be poor paying jobs that are, truly, difficult to locate. You will likely be working part time while earning far less than you expect. Unless you are working more than 20 hours per week, which is not likely in this circumstance, it will take you in excess of a year for you to reach the 1,000 hours required to take the ARDMS exam.

So if you’re seeking a career change, you ought to definitely consider attending an Ultrasound Tech school in Indiana. Here are some schools to consider :

Recommended Ultrasound Technician Schools in Indiana!

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