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Have you decided that you would like to embark on a new career as an ultrasound technician in Holdrege NE? If so, you are going to begin one of the more wonderful careers in the healthcare field. However, you’re going to want the appropriate training and you can find some good ultrasound technician schools near Holdrege NE. This education and training is definitely the foundation to your ability to succeed as a diagnostic medical sonographer.You will discover numerous different colleges and training programs out there for ultrasound technicians. But how can you tell which one is likely to be the best for you? Just like any other career, there are several crucial details you must take into consideration prior to registering for any training program and sonography training is not any different. ultrasound technician training in Holdrege NE

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Here is a list of five things you should really consider before choosing any ultrasound technician training program.


The first thing you must consider is the school’s accreditation. This is necessary because you want to make sure you are obtaining the best possible instruction . Every single sonography technician training program should be accredited by the CAAHEP or an equivalent accrediting organization in your State.


The next detail you should consider concerning your ultrasound technician training program is its focus. A number of schools place more focus on how to be employed in a clinical environment, and some focus more on mastering the actual technologies of sonography.

Clinical Training

ultrasound technician classes in Holdrege NE
Another very important element you might want to consider is the practical training experience. This is your real training , and this is where you can expect to actually be taught how to use the ultrasound equipment. Some academic institutions commit significantly more time on your laboratory experience when compared to others. In cases where your training program is not spending major time with practical training, you may want to ask why. In most States you are required to possess a minimum quantity of clinical hours logged before you are qualified to apply for licensing.

Class Size

Something else you should consider is your class size. The enrollment in your program will vary from school to school . You should find out how small the classes are at the training program you will end up going to since this should provide you with a better idea of the amount of one-on-one training you should expect.

Graduation Rate

The last item you should carefully consider before deciding on an ultrasound technician program is the success rate of the school you’re considering. You should ask how many people graduate from the course, what their comments were, and exactly how many of them have moved on to become ultrasound techs.

Ready to Decide ?

Going over these crucial steps prior to choosing an ultrasound technician school can certainly make your final decision much easier and allow you to become the best sonographer you can be. After your choice is made its time to get ready for the path that lies in front of you, exactly what should you be expecting during your sonography training?

Ultrasound Technician Training Expectations

Ultrasound technician training consists of training future sonographers how to monitor and diagnose many different health issues by utilizing sound wave technology to capture images of organs and human tissue. There are numerous accredited colleges that offer this kind of training programs, which consists of clinical, laboratory and classroom instruction.


Students devote the majority of their time in school developing the techniques required to operate and take care of ultrasound devices . Enabling them to generate medical images by making use of ultrasound methods. Traditionally, companies would like sonographers to have obtained schooling from accredited programs as well as having taken and passed the test prepared by the ARDMS (American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers).diagnostic medical sonography

Those working in this industry need to be educated in human anatomy, medical terms and patient assessment. Outstanding communication skills will also be essential so that you can alleviate any worries or nervousness a patient can have as they undergo technical procedures. An eye for high quality imagery in addition to skills in choosing and reviewing images are likewise normally required.

Formal Education

Formal education is generally received by registering for a program offered by diagnostic sonography programs, universities and colleges. The majority of future ultrasound technicians prefer to register for 2-year associate’s programs, however bachelor degree programs are also offered. Candidates will have to possess a high school diploma with coursework having been completed in math, standard sciences and health.

Associate of Science in Ultrasound Technology

An Associate of Science in Ultrasound Technology training program is focused on educating students in the use of medical imaging devices, so that they can diagnose a variety of medical conditions and the treatment plans that can be implemented . This kind of ultrasound technician training degree involves several hours spent in nearby healthcare facilities, practical training in classroom labs and in-class lectures . Generally speaking , the topics of patient care methods, medical ethics, anatomy, common physics and acoustic physics, are taught. Supplementary classes in abdominal scanning, vascular technology and obstetrics , are often also available.

Bachelor of Science in Diagnostic Ultrasound Technology

Traditionally, this option requires 4 to 5 years to complete, and assures an in depth examination of different ultrasound specialties that are necessary for graduates to be employed as researchers, administrators or shift supervisors. Training in gynecological, obstetrics and abdominal ultrasound procedures is acquired by way of clinical internships and class room teaching. With a B.S. degree you will be in the upper half of all sonographers in terms of education and according to the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers is over $65,000.

Job Experience

Although the completion of an ultrasound technician training program is enough to get entry-level careers in the field, 5 years of ultrasound working experience is needed for better salaried careers that come with more responsibility, such as administration and management careers.ultrasound technician schools in Holdrege NE

Certification & Licensing

Sonographers do not have to be licensed ; of course, the overwhelming majority of companies would prefer to hire individuals who possess certificates from a certifying association, like the ARMDS. The reason being certification provides proof that an individual has the skills and knowledge needed to work effectively and efficiently.

Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Trainees planning to obtain a RDMS degree must pass the certifying examination established by the ARDMS . When the examination is successfully completed, a specific number of credits in continuing education needs to be completed, if you want to maintain your certification. This type of ultrasound technician training might cover various specialties, such as abdominal, nervous system or breast imaging.

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