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ultrasound technician schools in delaware

Ultrasound technician Schools in Delaware are a great option for anybody in The First State that is searching for a new profession. The millions of residents of Delaware will at some point need some type of medical treatment, and a large number of those will specifically need some type of sonography. As the population in areas like Dover, Wilmington, and Newark increase so does the need for experienced sonographers. Career opportunities also exist in places other than the large metropolitan areas as well.

Employment Outlook for Medical Sonographers in Delaware

Job growth in Delaware for Sonographers over the ten year period 2010-2020 is predicted to be great. According to Careerinfonet.org available jobs will rise by 39%. This compares to the anticipated growth nationally of 44% over the same period. On the National level this equates to over three thousand job openings each year due to growth and net replacement. Choosing a good Diagnostic Medical Sonography school in Delaware is a fantastic way to secure a place in this rewarding career.

Recommended Ultrasound Technician Schools in Delaware

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Ultrasound Technician Salary in Delaware

With a 2012 average yearly salary as reported by the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics of $66,740, ultrasound technicians in Delaware make a very nice income. Finding an accredited Diagnostic Medical Sonographer School in Delaware should be your first step towards bringing in a salary that is larger than the average income earned in Delaware. With an ever-increasing and aging population in Delaware, there has never been a better time to seek a career in healthcare as a diagnostic medical sonographer.

Find Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Schools in Delaware

When you’re searching for a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer School in Delaware, it is important to look for one that is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs. The Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs is the biggest accreditor in the health sciences fields.

Unaccredited schools will rarely provide you enough clinical hours to be eligible for the ARDMS exam. The American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography is the leading licensing organization for diagnostic medical sonographers in the U.S.. Being licensed by the ARDMS does not ensure employment, but it does present opportunities that otherwise would not be available to you. Many insurance companies will refuse to pay on claims if it is discovered that a sonogram was taken by a sonographer that was not licensed by the ARDMS, and ultimately, earning the license shows that you have exceeded a minimum level of instruction and experience in the field.

If you do not perform the clinical hours through your classes, you will need to earn them by working for a clinic or doctor’s office that doesn’t require a licensed technician. Unfortunately, these jobs will be pretty tough to find, and are not going to pay a standard ultrasound technician wage. Instead, you will be working in primarily part time conditions, for hourly wages that do not come close to covering the price of your schooling. Unless you are getting more than 20 hours per week, which is doubtful in this circumstance, it will take you over a year to get to the 1,000 hours needed to take the ARDMS exam.

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